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Hello, Cosmo

Experience the luxury at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. We'll be spending our time in the 2nd-floor meeting space which features a 10,000-square-foot common area surrounded by smaller meeting rooms for more immersive breakout sessions.

Why Vegas, Why the Cosmo?

Best Value

We ran all kinds of scenarios, Vegas kept coming up as #1 for price, convenience, and quality. No need for car rentals, the best prices for airfare, and a ton of hotels to stay at no matter the budget.


Located in the heart of the strip and easily accessible no matter where attendees choose to stay. 


The Cosmo's willingness to be flexible yet offer budget-friendly options was a key deciding factor since we're all splitting the cost. This venue definitely won't disappoint.

When we polled last year's attendees the overwhelming response was 'YES! We want to go back to the Cosmo!' That's why between ease of use, a great price, a beautiful space and attendees wishes, we're going to be back at the Cosmo for STReunion'23!

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