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Social Media Swag Swap

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You've seen the products on tv, you've seen them online, but let's get to know each other's products in real life! We can all benefit from authentic love from brands we trust. This is your chance! Bring your ST product* (3-5 items) to the reunion to participate in the Swag Swap!


Bring your product to the reunion to swap. Drop 3-5 items off at check-in and we'll get them ready for the swap. The number of items you bring is the number you will get to swap later.*


"Shop" the swap a Happy Hour on Day 1, choose products that are your absolute favs or ones that you feel will connect best with your audience. 


Spread the love on social! When you're home, show the product in action- this is your chance to get creative! You can create a post with all the reasons why you love it, create a special giveaway, etc.


We'll collect your Swag Swap items at check-in.  During Happy Hour on Day 1, we'll have a Swag Swap location set up in the Vendor Halls where we'll display all the Swapable products. "Shop" for 3-5 products that inspire you!

Bring your finds home, try them out and show off your Shark Tank swag on social media. Be creative and have fun. Expose your audience to your new finds and tag the appropriate brands in your posts. Watch how your fellow entrepreneurs shout-out your products to their communities!

That's it! Super Easy.


*If your product is too big or awkward for the trip (thinking of you Flex Screen), or needs sizing for just the right fit, feel free to bring a few coupons for your fellow alum to to grab at the swap that they can redeem on your website later and ship directly to them.

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